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Professional and Affordable Land and Tree Services

We safely and efficiently remove trees, shrubs and stumps that pose a risk to properties and are unsightly.  Additionally, we can plant new trees and shrubs to beautify your space.

Land and Tree Solutions for Your Property

Prevent overgrowth and dangers caused by unkempt greenery by hiring Lorraine Land and Tree Services LLC. We safely and efficiently remove stumps, trees and shrubs that pose harm to properties and people and can be an eysore. You can depend on us because we have the necessary manpower and equipment to clear obstructions on your outdoor space.


About Us

Owner Scott Lorraine has been performing land and tree work for more than 30 years. Whether you need a stump ground, a tree cleaned up, a garden tilled, or a tree planted, Lorraine Land and Tree Services is ready to help you out. We serve customers in Central New York and the Central Adirondacks.

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